About Jazzamyn our Founder & Owner

Black woman sitting in yellow high back chair while leaning forward looking at her phone.


Sauce Strap is a socially conscious enterprise on a mission to make the world a better, happier, and sparklier place!
Jazzamyn Walker our owner, has been drawn to anything that sparkles and shines. Jazz even had a tiara collection that got regular use until she started university! Today, she still has a closet full of sequins and will find any excuse to wear them.
As well, Jazzamyn has always had a passion for helping people. Raising money for UNICEF was a regular result of those passions. When she got to high school, Jazz volunteered countless hours to raise funds for tsunami relief in Sri Lanka. She gave presentations at the Legion and would go door to door, business to business, to collect donations.
Diagnosed with clinical depression & anxiety at 18, ADHD at 27, & Borderline Personality Disorder at 30. Jazzamyn has been on a journey to end the stigma behind Neuro Diversity & Mental Health issues. Despite her struggles, sparkles, rainbows, & glitter have always been things that have brought her joy in her darkest hours. Summertime music festivals where you can dress up any way you like and express your individuality, without the harsh judgment of societal norms, is where she felt the most alive and happy. Jazzamyn would make herself Straps for the festivals, and she began to see how much people loved them. She hoped that the same joy she felt when wearing her glittering Straps would spread to others, and so Sauce Strap was born!
Jazzamyn then decided she wanted to help people feel good from the inside out by donating portions of proceeds to marginalized communities. Growing up as a Black female and experiencing racism firsthand her entire life has pushed her towards taking a stance and educating others. She realized that large corporations were doing horrible things to harm marginalized communities, although many are not aware of it. As a result, it was vital for her to push her business in the opposite direction. The companies that donate heavily to charities that harm the LGBTQ2+A community, contributing to political leaders who pass legislation to harm POC, will continue doing so regardless of public image. So educating her customers and followers about all the good things businesses like hers are doing to help serve marginalized communities is essential.
When she's not busy being the Sparkle Queen of Sauce Strap, Jazzamyn sits in on panel discussions about racism or publicly speaks on the topic.