Product shot of Gold rolo chain Sauce Strap Glasses chains, with four beads. light purple, dark purple, blue teal, and green. being worn on large framelesssunglasses that have rhinestones on the sides. a white background.


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Sauce Strap

Sauce Strap is a Black owned socially conscious Business on a mission to make the world a better, happier, and sparklier place! Made by Neurodivergents, for Neurodivergents and everyone else under the sun.

We donate 10% of proceeds to different charities that serve marginalized communities.

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Are you Neurodivergent or a raver? Pierced ears or unpierced? This and so many other questions. Take the quiz and find the perfect products tailored for you.

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Yet another fantastic product!

After purchasing my strap and loving it, I got myself a pair of the earplugs earrings and they are amazing! I requested a custom order to attach to my Loop earplugs and Jazz was kind enough to give me the option to switch between the two! They were a staple during Shambhala and will continue to be a must-have for all future shows!

Brittani W.

Vancouver, BC


Bedazzle your home

💖This was the best idea and decision ever. Jazz (I hope I spelled that right) is the most attentive in her customer service. She made up different Options for us to pick from and have updates whenever there were any and lastly, she was just as excited about the curtain as we (still) are. The curtain has turned out home into a little sparkly dream. We love it!


Vancouver, BC


More than a look, a great investment.

They are much more than a funky accessory. I enjoyed the security of always having my glasses attached. I like the weight and quality of the materials used. They never tangled.... I plan to wear these all summer not just to festivals and will be sharing Sauce Strap information to anyone who asks. 10/10 would recommend.


Edmonton, AB



As someone who loses anything that is not physically attached to my body, these have saved me! Never without ear protection when working and they are beautifully made. 10/10. Can’t wait to get more custom pairs to match all my looks. Customer service is unparalleled and Sauce Trap is a GEM. Thank you so much!!

Jennafer H.

Vancouver, BC