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Beaded Curtains

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Custom Sauce Straps

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DIY Cloud Lamp Kit

Take your LEDs one step further with these soft and luxurious clouds. To make it fun for everyone, we'll be doing a group Zoom call where you can build yours right along with us! Better hurry, we'll only be selling 10 kits!

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Our beautiful beaded curtains are here to add that sparkle that's missing from your home. Place them in front of your favourite window, or hang them as a divider between rooms. Either way, it'll step up your glittery decor.

Organization of the Month

It Starts With Us

Before the Native Women’s Association of Canada  discontinued the work on their database in 2010 it had reported close to 600 indigenous women and girls gone missing or murdered in the country over the preceding 30 years.

We acknowledge the women, families and communities who have been doing this organizing themselves for decades, especially when police and governments have failed to acknowledge, listen or act despite Indigenous women, Two Spirit and Trans people that have continued to disappear or be murdered. Generations of work have brought us to where we are and continue to teach us how we must work forward in achieving justice together.

We are currently working locally to contact people and/or forming teams with people who have been documenting missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, Two Spirit and Trans people in their regions. 

Learn More about the cause at:

It Starts With Us (

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FLAMINGO Sauce Strap