Harriet BLM Sauce Straps
Harriet BLM Sauce Straps

Harriet BLM Sauce Straps

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10% of the proceeds from each Harriet Sauce Strap will be donated to Hogan's Alley Society.

The Harriet Sauce Strap is the gold metal version of the Obsidian strap. These beautiful straps are 32 inches long. Deep black glass beads with gold hardware will keep you dark and mysterious. All Sauce Straps are now equipped with clasps to unhook from the rubber loops. This allows you to easily change straps to match your outfit, take your straps off without having to remove the loops, or to replace loops if they break.  One extra loop is included with each purchase.

These Straps were named after the Great Harriet Tubman Is the most famous conductor for the Underground Railroad. After running away from her plantation and finding freedom, She returned to the south multiple times and freed over 300 slaves. Her courage and bravery will never be forgotten. 

*The Hogan’s Alley Society (HAS) a non-profit organization composed of civil rights activists, business professionals, community organizations, artists, writers and academics committed to daylighting the presence of Black history in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia. HAS adopts research driven approach to community development that seeks to preserve and promote the historical, cultural, societal and economic contributions made by Black Settlers and their descendants to Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, the Province of British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest and Canada. With this history in the archives, HAS is in process of developing partnerships with local government and business interests to acquire and develop land and operate assets as a community land trust.